Writes Live Design International:

“The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular is a Boston tradition that spans over 40 years. Lighting Designer Mike Berger, of Full Flood Inc., was responsible for lighting this year’s 4th of July celebration using gear from 4Wall New York.

Hundreds of thousands gathered at the historic DCR Hatch Shell to celebrate America’s independence while fireworks exploded in the air during a performance by Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and the Boston Pops Orchestra. This year’s event was also broadcast live on CBS for millions across the country to enjoy.

This was Berger’s first time lighting this event. The unique bowl-style stage did propose some challenges for the LD’s design. “The hatch is a historic Boston landmark and as such has certain restrictions both in what we are allowed to do and also what can physically be done,” explained Berger. Lighting Project Manager David Gruber and his team at Capron assisted the Full Flood team and guided them though this unique project. “They have a great history with the event and his knowledge of the show and the space were invaluable,” said Berger.”

Berger (A 2012) and Ryan Tanker (A 2010) both worked on this project. Read the full article here.