Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by Kim Weild

We all embody opposites within
Or else we’re frankly far too dull to live

“Or,” is a colorful, energetic, door-slamming farce (only partially based on historical fact) that celebrates the emergence of women in the theatre scene. After being released from a debtor’s prison, Aphra Behn is desperate to leave her life of espionage behind. Aphra’s dreams of writing for the stage come true when she gets the opportunity to work for one of London’s only two production companies – so long as she can finish writing her play by morning. What seems to be a simple task becomes much more complicated when the seductive Nell Gwynne, the charming King Charles II, and Aphra’s double-agent ex-boyfriend William Scott get involved. Can Aphra make it big as a writer? Or will love, war, and gender barriers from past and present catch up to her? Who knew making history would be this tough!

(Photo credit: Louis Stein)