Alumnus Nick Lehane (BFA Acting ‘08) has received the 2020 Allelu Award International Travel Grant from The Jim Henson Foundation for his acclaimed performance piece, Chimpanzee.

In January Nick and his team of puppeteers traveled to London, England to perform at the 2020 London Mime Festival. The piece was a UK premiere and was listed as  “One of the Hottest Theatre Openings This Week” in Time Out London.

The Allelu Award is a two part grant for international travel to perform in a puppet festival.  The first part is for a Jim Henson Foundation grant recipient to travel to a puppet festival of international renown to show their work.  Priority is given to shows that have received a Jim Henson Foundation Production Grant.  The second part is for an international company to perform at a major American puppet festival.  Each grant is $5,000.

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Cover Photo: Richard Termine