Dear School of Drama Community,

A big thank you and congratulations to all members of our great community for the remarkable past week of remote classes, production, and administration activities.

While the changed landscape for us all is challenging, everyone’s health and wellness is of paramount concern. I encourage you to maintain the impost of social distancing, as a collective community response seems to be the only current way to arrest the spread and severity of the Coronavirus.

Please look out for one another as the isolation period extends. If you are like me, a degree of stir craziness is setting in. So – connecting with each other outside of class, and maintaining avenues of communication amongst staff, faculty and students, should assist with helpful health, class and community well-being practice suggestions coming forward.

Community safety depends on everyone remaining connected, vigilant and observant of Public Heath guidelines.

Take care,

Peter Cooke AM PhD
Head of the School of Drama
Carnegie Mellon University