Dear School of Drama community,

I write to bring you into the fold of outrage that I know you will all be feeling having witnessed the shocking racist actions of the police in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd.

The devastating treatment of Mr. Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, along with countless other members of our communities of color over the years, highlights yet again the unacceptable racism that law enforcement, and others, painfully and regularly inflict on our society.

As artists, we all have a role to play in working to eliminate the ugly scourge of racism. I urge you to use the platform of theatre making to raise your voices in solidarity, to bring about systemic change, that in turn will give respect and equal opportunity to every individual. We have taken significant steps towards making the School of Drama’s environment, activities and community more inclusive, diverse and equatable in recent years, yet I acknowledge that there is still much work to be done.

As we look towards a very different summer and academic year ahead, and with the pandemic forcing unimaginable changes to all of our lives, let us show that through inclusion, care of one another and the pursuit of equality in all settings that it is possible to build a community where grace, tolerance and empathy are defining traits.

Take care,


(Please give these sites your generous consideration. Bail FundsThe Minnesota Freedom FundThe Black Visions Collective, and Reclaim the Block.)