By Joshua Axelrod
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 29, 2021

CMU’s Dagmara Dominczyk having ‘midlife career boost’ with ‘Succession,’ ‘The Lost Daughter’

The last few months of 2021 have been a particularly fruitful time for Dagmara Dominczyk.

The 45-year-old Carnegie Mellon University graduate and accomplished thespian is giving audiences one heck of a one-two punch between reprising her role as Karolina Novotney in the HBO series “Succession” — the best show of 2021, in this critic’s opinion — and closing out the year by appearing in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s critically acclaimed feature directorial debut “The Lost Daughter,” which premieres Friday on Netflix.

Dominczyk is one of those actors you’ve almost certainly seen before in movies and on television but maybe need a little help placing. She recently chatted with the Post-Gazette about her “midlife career boost” and everything she appreciates about Pittsburgh — including the part it played in introducing her to her husband, Patrick Wilson.

“I love Pittsburgh,” she said. “I love Carnegie Mellon. And I only have the best memories of my time there. … It’s where I inadvertently met my future husband. Every time we’re there and go back and hold hands, we can’t help but feel like that’s where things started, even though we didn’t know.”