Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Alfred P. Sloan Script Competition at Carnegie Mellon University.

July 8, 2022

The School of Drama is delighted to announce the 2022 awardees in the Alfred P. Sloan Script Competition at Carnegie Mellon University for the best screenplay or television pilot furthering the public understanding of science and technology.


Kandace James

First place ($25,000):

A grieving astrophobe plagued by the loss of her father wants to find love where her deepest fear and chance for redemption collide. Can she overcome fear and embrace the constellations that have been igniting her path all along?

Trà Nguyễn

Second place ($15,000):
DRIFT by Trà Nguyễn

Despite the indifference of scientific circles in the 1950s, a female cartographer maps the world ocean floor, answering an unimaginable question about the Earth’s surface.

Beth Ann Powers

Third place ($5,000):

A planet in the heat of crisis, an island on the brink of destruction, and an intrepid young scientist with the funding to become the greatest hero Little Hope has ever known. This mockumentary follows environmental seismologist, May Wu, on her race against the rising tide to save a sinking town of science haters using the powers of seismology, spies, and shoo-fly pies.

“Congratulations to all the entrants, who were, without exception, applauded for their compelling storytelling work this year,” said Rob Handel, head of the Dramatic Writing program at CMU. “Thanks to all the scientists who partnered with us as consultants, this year representing the University of Texas at El Paso, Kaarta Real-Time 3D Mapping, Durham University (UK), the University of Pennsylvania, and The Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine. Thank you to Melissa Martin, the selection committee and the staff of the CMU School of Drama. Special thanks to guest faculty Gracie Gardner, Inda Craig-Galván, Brandy N. Carie, and Nate Sutter.”