Box Office

Adapted and Directed by Anne Cecelia DeMelo
October 12–16, 2021

A small community gathers around a staging of Shakespeare’s Richard II. As they grapple with questions of authenticity and power, lines between performance and reality rapidly begin to blur, exposing a world that might be stranger and more inexplicable than its inhabitants could have imagined. Quilting together Shakespeare, American archives, and live music, Power/Trip puts an old story about authority and belief on display in a critical context, radically reworking it to examine faith, ecstasy and revolution in the contemporary U.S.

Featuring Nicholas Biddle, Jonathan Champion, Emily Chang, Cassiel Eatock-Winnik, Chattan Johnson, Ayana Williams

Scenic Design Evan Frank
Costume Design Lily Cunicelli
Lighting Design Matt J. Weisgable
Sound Design Erik Cereghino
Media Design Julian Kelley
Dramaturg Sabrina Zanello Jackson
Stage Manager Christopher Chase
Composer/Arranger/Music Director Tucker Helms
Dance Composer Madeline Lippman
Fight Director Catherine Moore
Choreographer James Caton

Violist Aaron Morrison
Cellist Hikari Harrison
Guitarist James O’Malley Gorbea


Production Manager Sarah Bauch

Project Manager Elliot Queale

Job Lead Apriah Williams

Properties Manager Todd R. Kulik

Properties Assistants Kristin Ward

First Hand Matthew Torbett

Lighting Manager Thomas Feather

Paint Charge Beth Zamborsky

Scenic Artist Janelle Mosovsky

Media Engineer Cleo Perez

Sound Engineer Emily Brunner

Mixer Tate Abdullah

Assistant Director Spencer Byham-Carson

Assistant Production Manager Reesha Agarwal

Assistant Stage Manager Danielle Bergman

Assistant Scenic Designer BinhAn Nguyen

Assistant Costume Designer Jillian Warner

Assistant Lighting Designer Xotchil Musser

Assistant Lighting Manager Alexa Janoschka

Assistant Sound Engineer Peter Burns

Assistant Media Designer Bahaar Esfahani

Assistant Media Engineer Lenora Gant

Assistant Dramaturg Rowan Dunlop

Run Crew Olivia Curry, Zachary Everett-Lane, Sophie Howard, Phoebe Huggett, Madeline Miller, Vanessa Mills, Katie Sabel, Jessica Williams