Dean Dan J. Martin Announces Interim Leadership at the School of Drama

Dan J. Martin, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, announced the establishment of a four-person leadership team to support the School of Drama’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its position as an innovative, impactful and internationally prominent theatre school, and to invest more energy and effort into bringing greater justice and equity for every member of the Drama community. 

Megan Monaghan Rivas has been appointed as interim head.  Kyle Haden shall serve in a newly created position of interim senior associate head. Dick Block will continue his service as associate head.  Last but certainly not least, Amy Nichols has been promoted to associate head.

The formation of this collaborative leadership structure serves as a new model with the retirement of Peter Cooke who has stepped down as head and shall retire from the School of Drama on September 30th.  This approach will also contribute to the comprehensive organizational assessment of the school and inform the rigorous search for and appointment of new leadership. 


Pictured left to right: Megan Monaghan Rivas, Kyle Haden, Dick Block, and Amy Nichols.


Megan said that she’s grateful to be part of an extraordinary team. “The four people in these collaborative leadership roles bring a complementary bounty of strengths, experience, and deep knowledge to support the School of Drama community and advance its educational mission.“

Kyle echoed her sentiment. “I’m excited to partner with Megan, Dick, Amy, and the students, staff, and faculty as we all work together towards creating a more equitable and just American Theater.”

In an earlier communication to the School of Drama community, Dan celebrated Peter’s contributions to the school. “During his 12 years of impactful and tireless service as head of school, Peter strengthened Drama’s position as one of the premier theater conservatories in the world.”  He has positioned the school “well to continue to be a leading force in theater education, scholarship, and practice.”

This fall, as a leading force in theater education, the School of Drama continues its evolution with the introduction of an Anti-Racism and Racial Justice course for the faculty, staff, and students. 

“As our society evolves, dismantling old harmful systems and developing new ones grounded in equity and justice, our school is also poised to evolve,” said Megan. “We have begun this evolution, and will pursue it with full commitment to creating an environment in which the most vulnerable individuals can, in full freedom and without fear, bring their complete selves to their chosen work.”