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ROBERT RAMIREZ became head of the School of Drama on August 1, 2022. He joins CMU from the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), where he served as professor and chair.

Ramirez joined UT in 2014 as associate professor and head of acting and in 2016, became head of the Performance Division. He was later named senior associate chair and then interim chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance prior to his promotion to full professor and being appointment as department chair in 2020. During his tenure as chair, Ramirez prioritized student experience and learning outcomes, as well as the advancement of faculty and staff profiles in the College of Fine Arts and the professional realm. As a teacher and administrator, he set new standards for recruitment of diverse student, faculty, and staff populations, as well as the development of equitable and inclusive casting and production processes and curriculum reform at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Leadership Team

Dick Block

Kyle Haden

David Holcomb

Amy Nichols


Barbara Anderson

Wendy Arons

Natalie Baker-Shirer

Daniel Banks

Claudia Benack

Stewart Blackwood

Dick Block

David Boevers

C. Todd Brown

Claudia Brownlee

James Caton

Gab Cody

Judith Conte

Peter Cooke

Tomé Cousin

Will Davis

Mark Domencic

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Olivera Gajic

Kristi Good

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Adil Mansoor

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Tony McKay

Catherine Moore

Anne Mundell

Amanda Olmstead

Paul Peers

Joe Pino

Robert Ramirez

Giovanna Reyes-Mir

Nica Ross

Brian Russman

Emily Sapa

Tina Shackleford

Lawrence Shea

Andrew Smith

Ingrid Sonnichsen

Mary Ellen Stebbins

Ausar Stewart

Robert Thomson

Susan Tsu

Lisa Velten Smith

Don Wadsworth

Bria Walker-Rhoze

Kaf Warman

Chelsea M. Warren

Miso (Cheng-Yu) Wei

Kim Weild

Andy Wolk

TJ Young

Beth Zamborsky


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David Randolph

Sayantee Sahoo

Sarah Shechtman

Marlene Speranza

Louis Stein

Maria Stoy

Kristin Ward

Sean West

Alex Young

Area Chairs

Wendy Arons

Rick Edinger

Rob Handel

Tina Shackleford

Lawrence Shea

Andrew Smith

Lisa Velten Smith

Kim Weild