On their project, “Lovushke,” [Almeda] Beynon and [Kevan] Loney are working with an aerialist, a musical-theater student from Carnegie Mellon University and a CMU dance professor.

It’s a dual audience experience in which a group of eight patrons will be onstage either experiencing the VR environment (wearing a headset), or staging green-screen moments that inform the VR experience. The “general” audience, meanwhile, will watch the entire machine of the performance being constructed. “The general [non-VR] audience will be able to see the movement piece with a trapeze artist performing with other actors against a set and green screen, all of which is infused live into the virtual environment for both audiences to enjoy,” writes the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Learn more about “Lovushke” and the residency at Pearl Arts Studio in the City Paper’s write-up.

You can also witness the work-in-progress presentation Sat., April 2 at 8PM and 9PM at 201 N. Braddock.